Summer Things

July 2009 E-update

The summer is a time to enjoy sun, family, friends, hopefully take a vacation, and get refreshed by the change in schedule. Yet, as I begin this e-update near the end of July, I am struck with the fact that transfer student orientation is past (7/23) and new student orientation began on Monday (7/27). Fall is apparently right around the corner. Yikes!

At the end of spring quarter the undergraduate student leaders got together and planned the fall calendar. That’s done. But the logistical work of getting those planned events actually executed continues. We will once again be helping with fall move-in. The OU department of Residential Housing (new named formed when Residence Life and Housing were joined) has invited us to help move students into their residence halls Sept. 3-5 from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. each day. We’ve been collecting information from students and others interested in helping with that service to the university community. Interested in helping? Email me ( soon as the director needs to know very soon how many people will be helping from our group.

Along with the move-in will be cookie give-away. Letters will be sent soon requesting cookies. If you would like to help provide cookies for us to give away to the new students as an expression of welcome, please let me know. We need the cookies by Sept. 1.

In the midst of the preparations for fall, however, summer ministry continues. Graduate students still get together weekly at my home for our time of study, fellowship and prayer. We are using a study guide examining self-control. The study addresses various areas of life in which we need to practice this fruit of the Spirit. In addition to this weekly group, I have been involved in 1on1 conversations and prayer with students and faculty.

Aug. 1-5 one of our undergraduate student leaders and I will go to the University of Southern Indiana where the National Association of Christian Campus Ministries will hold the national student conference. This conference has always proven to be a time of challenge, encouragement and refreshment. We trust it will once again.

Thank you once again for your prayers for this ministry especially as we look toward fall ministry and carry out the ministry of summer as well. God bless you for your partnership in prayer and financial support!