June 2009 E-update

“The thing that amazes me is that there will not even be a gap in our health insurance. Kim’s ends on June 30 and mine begins on July 1. God has amazed us with his provision.” In this portion of an email exchange with Eric, he described to me God’s gracious care for Kim and him as they settle back into West Virginia and Eric begins his new job with the Farm Bureau.

When Eric told me last August that he and Kim had decided to move back home, one of the things that he said was that he believed God had brought them to this point and that God was at least o.k. with this decision. Eric wanted to finish well and hoped that God would take care of things. God has indeed taken care of things. Eric completed his service with ROC June 12, Eric and Kim sold their house during spring quarter, just as they were packing this month Eric was offered a new job with the Farm Bureau, he started that job on Tuesday (June 23) and now he has learned that even their medical coverage won’t lapse. God is good and gracious.

At a potluck celebrating Eric and Kim’s time in Athens, many stories were shared of the love and care the Thomasons shared with students and many others. The words were expressed verbally through stories, in writing via a book of letters and through pictures as a framed collage of several pictures was also signed by those in attendance. Eric’s hope to finish well was accomplished. But it doesn’t end there.

The ROC board and I have been working on the staff transition for some time. Mid-way through June, Jared Ott accepted the position of Assistant Campus Minister with Reach Out on Campus. Jared and his wife, Crystal, were both ROC student leaders when they attended OU as undergrads. In an email Jared stated, “We are excited about this next phase of our lives in ministry, and look forward to ‘coming home’ in many ways.” Jared will join ROC staff in January at 3/4 time as he completes his Master of Divinity degree during the 2009-2010 school year (he will have class work in TN during fall 2009).

God is faithful. He led Eric and Kim to this decision and has consistently provided each step of the way. He has enabled Eric to finish the year well and has provided a new staff member for ROC. What a blessing to serve a God who is such a gracious provider. Thank you for being part of His provision to us!