September Update

It’s the beginning of the 4thweek of the semester here at Ohio University and even though the last update I wrote was just before the start of the semester, I feel like I have so much to update everyone on in this newsletter. So, buckle up, put your spectacles on, hold on tight, and here we go! 

ROC Students Gracie Beha and Sarah Lipscomb handing out cookies during move-in weekend.

The week before classes began was a blur of packing cookies, meeting new students, and welcoming in the class of 2023! Thanks to the generosity of our supporters ROC staff and students were able to give away over 1,800 bags of cookies during move-in. In fact, this year’s outreach was so successful that we ran completely out of cookies before the Student Involvement Fair on Sunday and gave away cold bottled water instead. That’s a good problem to have. 

Since opening weekend ROC has been busy with weekly Bible Studies (men’s, women’s, and ROC lunch and Bible Study), Crosswalk (our weekly worship service) and a host of social events. On Labor Day ROC hosted its second annual Canoe / Kayak trip down the Hocking thanks to the generosity of Dave and Jamie Bishop and fellow ROC student Stephen Bishop who provided us with everything we needed including a warm meal as we came off the river. This year our friends from IFI (International Friends) joined us for the trip down the river. It was a great day and a lot of fun. 

Breeanna and Anna ready for paintball!

This past weekend we joined the 5thStreet Church of Christ youth for a paintball outing. Our very own ROC board member, John Rankin, not only joined us as well, but helped to outfit players with gear, paint, and markers. We had a blast sharing in all the food and fun, and only walked away with a few welts. I love opportunities like these that allow our ROC students to connect with local youth ministries. We also had 3 new students join us that day!  

Other new and exciting things happening around the ROC community include our brand-new web page! Our very own ROC president, and graphic design guru, Noelle Mash, has done a fantastic job overhauling our website. You can check it out for yourself at It has all the information from the previous site and some new features as well. 

Speaking of new features, did you know that ROC has a new weekly podcast? Each week students from the ROC community come together to discuss topics related to life on campus and how our faith intersects with those topics. So far, we have 2 episodes online for you to listen to with the 3rdcoming this Friday. Our goal with this podcast is to speak to issues that are relevant to college students and encourage them in their walk with Christ, and to give our supporters a glimpse of life on a college campus. You can check it out on our new website! 

Finally, this week begins our fall prayer marathon. Some of you may be aware that this is something that we typically do spring semester, however, due to the response from our community, we decided to host 2 this year. We want to be a community that prays for our friends, our campus, and our supporters. If you have a prayer request we can be lifting up this weekend, feel free to email us at

Half of the ROC canoe / kayak group as they traveled down the Hocking.

As always, thanks for the role that you play in the lives of college students. I think one of the most encouraging things for our students is knowing that there are countless people just like you who love them and are praying for them.