April Update

It’s been nearly a month now since we realized that we weren’t going to be returning from our Spring Break Mission Trip to “business as usual.” I doubt few, if any of us would have guessed that we’d be living in a world where social distancing, non-essential business closures, and online church services would be the norm, but here we are.

I’m particularly thankful for each of you who have reached out to check in on our students and staff. I’m pleased to report that we are all doing well, hunkered down in our homes, trying to continue working toward the end of the semester (coming up in just a week).

Although at times it’s easy to focus on all the things we can’t do, I’m actually very excited about all the things that we have been able to do during this time. For instance… just because we couldn’t meet together in person, didn’t mean we couldn’t meet. Thanks to the internet and the Zoom meeting platform, most of us have been able to log in each Wednesday night and do essentially the same things we have done in Schoonover. Worship, teaching, small group discussions… it’s been great!

We’ve also been staying current with our weekly ROC Podcast. Actually, one of the awesome opportunities that has come during this time has been welcoming in new people to the podcast who normally would not have been able to join when we recorded on Thursdays at 1pm on campus. Thanks to Zoom, we’ve welcomed our ROC Women’s Ministry Leaders Annie Holbert and Cara Lawless as well as our friend Isaac Sykes from the Mountain Mission School in Grundy, Va. Also, we have a few “special guests” up our sleeves for the coming weeks as well. If you haven’t tuned in to listen, what better time to start? You can find it on our website or search for “Belong. Become. Be Sent.” on iTunes and Spotify.

ROC Podcast with Special Guest Sara Schenkelberg

Another new opportunity that this season has presented has been our weekly ROC Video Devotions. Each week a different member of the ROC Community or staff records a devotion to share with students who then log onto YouTube at their convenience to be led into the Word. You can check it out as well on our YouTube channel. (You can actually click on the link below to watch the current week’s Video Devotion with our Associate Campus Minister, Noah Mulvaney).

Thanks for each of you who have helped support us through prayer, encouragement, and finances during this difficult time. We are incredibly grateful for your faithfulness.