May Update

Ample parking in Athens, quiet streets, no lines at Chipotle…I guess that means summer is upon us. While the pace of life on campus may have slowed down, in many ways, the ROC community is gearing up for summer. So what is happening around the Reach Out on Campus this summer? We’re glad you asked…

First, throughout the month of June we have our first opportunity to welcome in the class of 2026! ROC will be a part of Bobcat Student Orientation and welcome this year’s Freshman class and their parents as they prepare to make the leap from high school to college. ROC will also be helping with Senior High week of camp at Ohio Valley Christian Assembly where our former interns (Evan Lynch and Josh Beck) will be co-leading the week. I’m excited to have the opportunity to preach a couple times throughout the week and spend time with the students there.

We took Josh to New River Gorge to hike to celebrate the end of the semester!

Speaking of “former interns”, I’m excited to announce that the ROC Board voted to bring Josh Beck on full-time as the campus minister for ROC at Rio. Josh did a fantastic job as our spring intern, and he is looking forward to continuing to serve the ROC community this fall in his new position. He will be working hard this summer to connect with new churches and individuals to raise additional support for his position. You’ll get to hear more from Josh next month in our update.

Last Podcast of the year featuring Trey Vaughan, Josh Beck, and Evan Lynch

We are also gearing up for our summer mission trip to New Orleans in July. That’s right, once again ROC will be returning to the Crescent City to serve alongside our friends at Crossroads Missions. This actually marks my 10th year of leading teams to NOLA to serve. What a blessing it’s been to look back over a decade and see the impact we’ve had on the community as well as how the trips have shaped our groups.

As always I’m humbled and amazed at the ways that God uses each one of you to help support our community. Thank you for the investment that you are making in the lives of students.