June Update

We are well into the summer days of campus ministry! What does that look like? Good question. The past several weeks I have been helping welcome in the class of 2026 at Bobcat Student Orientation. ROC assists with the interfaith table where incoming Freshman can sign-up to receive information about the different faith groups on campus. In between times I’ve been preaching at OVCA Camp’s Senior High Week. I’ve had a great time sharing with the students and hanging out with them. 

The ROC community is also gearing up for another local wheelchair ramp build. Since May we have been working with a local family in need of a ramp. We are hopeful that, weather allowing, we will set the posts for the new ramp Friday evening and begin construction on Saturday. A HUGE Thanks to Chris Blank of Edgemont Home Construction for being the unofficial ROC project manager for these projects. 

ROC Students working on the deck build

We are just about a month away from our summer mission trip to New Orleans. Right now it’s looking like we have a group of nearly 30 who have said “yes” to serving God and others in the Crescent City this July! (Why not pick the hottest month of the year to do manual labor outdoors?) We are also looking forward to connecting with two of our own while we are there. My son Trey, and ROC member (and incoming fall ROC intern) Maggie Hoover have been in New Orleans since the end of May serving as interns with Crossroads Missions. I am super proud of them both and can’t wait to see them soon. 

Crossroads Missions Interns Trey Vaughan and Maggie Hoover

I’m also excited that in this month’s update you’ll get to hear from ROC’s newest staff member Josh Beck. Josh is taking the reigns for ROC at Rio. You’ll be hearing all about the exciting things he has planned and what is going on in his life in the article. Please join me in praying for Josh as he begins his tenure with ROC. 

Speaking of ROC Staff, I wanted to share something that I think is pretty cool. You may recall that we recently hired a new administrative professional at ROC. Gracie McCune is taking the place of Jean DiFilippo who faithfully served the ministry for years. But did you know that Gracie is married to our worship / associate campus minister Noah McCune? Both Noah and Gracie were students at ROC just a few short years ago. I love when former students like Gracie and Noah choose to come back and reinvest in the lives of the next generation. Also, Gracie and Noah are expecting the arrival of their first child this fall! I am incredibly excited about this, but does that make me ROC Grandpa? 

As always thank you so much for the investment that you are making in the lives of students. Please know that your love and generosity is not only seen, but felt and appreciated as well.