April Update

Some of our ROC fans at
Ohio Teens for Christ!
Hey everybody, it’s Noah, the Associate Campus Minister for ROC. So, we’re officially coming up on the end of my first semester with ROC as a full-time staff member. It’s been awesome coming back and continuing all the relationships that I formed last year as an intern. I’m very grateful that I get to work with ROC and be around college students every day. Now let’s get to the fun stuff.

Late in March we got to take our current leaders and incoming leaders on a trip to Columbus to experience an escape room. We like to take our students to an escape room because it puts them in a position where they have to deal with many different things all at once. This year we went to Excape Columbus again, but with a much larger group of twelve. We got to participate in a room called “Pharoah’s Tomb” where we had to find three hidden gems in order to escape. Our group easily made it out with over 15 minutes to spare, which beat our record from last year. It was a fun day and we got to relate our experience afterwards to different situations that arise in the ROC community. The last event we had in March was a paintball day at OVCA. We had an amazing turnout from the ROC community and a lot kids from local youth groups joined us for an afternoon of paintball.

It’s April 16thas I write this, so we’ve officially gotten to the point where students are starting to panic. Whether it be graduating, looking for summer jobs, or just struggling to open a can of off-brand ravioli with my pocketknife (as Blayne is right now), there’s a lot of stress in the air in addition to pollen. As always, the ROC house will soon be a safe haven for students to come and study and also enjoy a free meal each day of Finals week. It’s a great way to support the students as they might neglect nourishment in favor of having more time to study.

Ohio Teens For Christ is coming up this weekend, so once again ROC will be heading up with a contingent of students to help out in any way we can. We’ll also be there to talk to high school seniors about joining us in the fall when they come to OU. OTFC is an awesome experience that ends on Saturday before Easter. I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend with family, and we remember the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus paid for us all. Our last event of the Spring semester called “Year-End Bash” will be on Saturday April 27th at noon at M&M Pond if you wanted to come and join us for an afternoon of games and hotdogs and hamburgers. 

Gionna, Noelle, and Maggie
enjoying OTFC! 
I’m looking forward to this summer for a number of reasons. First, I get to help Dodger at Bobcat orientation, where we’ll meet the incoming class of 2023. Dodger and I will be at several different sessions in the month of June. After that, we’ll both be at OVCA for Senior High Camp which is June 9ththrough the 14th. Eventually, I plan on heading down to New Orleans to help CrossRoads Missions with their summer groups, which will probably take up most of my July. Dodger will once again be leading a group down to New Orleans July 6ththrough the 14th. It’s always a joy to work with CrossRoads and especially to do it with students from ROC. This year will be extra special as our Student President Noelle Mash will be serving with CrossRoads Missions again, but this summer she will be in New Orleans. I ask that everyone reading this joins me in prayers for Noelle as she will be serving many different people and experiencing a new mission field as an intern.

In Christ,